Well, well here we are. Admittedly I have other blogs and the first blog post always seems the hardest to write out. You gotta do some sort of intro, why you're even blogging, what you're blogging about and you have to appeal to readers if you're keeping your blog in view of public....Okay maybe I'm … Continue reading VorpahlismCo


Cabbage Patch Soup

Yesterday ( 3/13/2018): So I wanted to find a new soup recipe to try since I have a head cold ( I did make some GF Rosemary Chicken Noodle soup it was delish! but I wanted something different- stay tuned I will make a post about it)  and found this soup with cabbage in it … Continue reading Cabbage Patch Soup

Gluten Free Cut Out Cookies

Hello there, and good morning( afternoon, evening) it's a lovely morning and I'm going to be posting about my gluten free sugar cookies I made yesterday for our family Valentine's Day activity. Some random background information: I honestly use to google gluten free this or gluten free that, but some recipes would not turn out … Continue reading Gluten Free Cut Out Cookies