Cabbage Patch Soup

Yesterday ( 3/13/2018):

So I wanted to find a new soup recipe to try since I have a head cold ( I did make some GF Rosemary Chicken Noodle soup it was delish! but I wanted something different- stay tuned I will make a post about it)  and found this soup with cabbage in it called Slow Cooker ” Cabbage Patch’ Detox Soup, the recipe is from The Seasoned Mom I pretty much followed the recipe ( give or take) I did omit the Curry and Turmeric instead I added Smoked Paprika and some extra Garlic. I used bone broth over regular broth and didn’t water it down ( I did have to use some extra bone broth while it was cooking). I also didn’t peel the carrots instead I wash all my vegetables in a vinegar-water mixture and scrub them up real good and rinse/ pat dry ( I also buy organic carrots). There is a difference in flavor to me with unpeeled carrots and they are healthy either way. I just prefer to keep the carrot intact when I make stews and soups- totally personal preference.

I also decided to add two cans of red kidney beans and omitted the meat, admittedly with this head cold I feel super gross and didn’t want to go to the garage to grab some frozen beef or bison ( maybe next time?) I had some other chores to do besides get dinner going so to make use of the little bit of energy I have I didn’t add the meat. If you are vegan/ vegetarian you could totally do this recipe just keep it to the two cans of beans and veggie broth instead.

Now the review ( today):

We added a bit more pepper and salt to taste but not much and while it was cooking I taste tested and added more Chili powder and Smoked Paprika. I really enjoyed every single bite of the soup for dinner and so did the rest of my family ( five year old totally digged it). I am excited to chow down on leftovers for lunch and sent some with the hubs. Definitely adding this soup to my recipe box with the changes I made to it.

We also whipped up a batch of Grain Free Everything dough from Nurture My Gut simply because it is so easy to make and then we made semi-flat “rolls” to eat with our soup. I will post more about that awesome recipe from Ester Perez here soon. I highly suggest checking out both links provided to each recipe and giving them a try.



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